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Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Original Muffin Top Pan

Manufacturer:Chicago Metallic
Our Price:AU $72.48
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Attributes of this product:
Catalogue number:16640
Product Genre/Category:Kitchen
Packaged dimensions (cms):28.7 x 1.3 x 40.6 (Width x Height x Length; metric centimeters)
Packaged dimensions (inches):11.30 x 0.50 x 16.00 (Width x Height x Depth; decimal inches)
Chicago Metallic is the preferred choice by bakers who understand quality, design and durability. Chicago metallic never disappoints: non-stick, easy release with every recipe, effortless clean-up and consistency that defines a new meaning to perfection every time. Specialty bakeware...where desing and innovative meet with Chicago Metallic. These pans offer more personality to the kitchen, fully equiping your inner-baker to get more creative. Whether its turning out bite-sized pre-sliced brownies or savory lasagnas for dinner, Chicago Metallic continues to work in your kitchen. The Chicago Metallic non-stick 6 cup original muffin top pan features our highest quality construction. Each Chicago Metallic pan is designed with a non-stick, easy release for ease in baking and cleaning. The shallow cup design creates muffin tops. Bake 6 muffin tops at once with each muffin cup measuring 3-1/2-Inch diameter by 2-Inch and the pan measures 14 by 10-1/4-Inch. All Chicago Metallic pans are dishwasher safe and come with a 25 year warranty

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