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JFJ Easy Pro Video Game, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Repair Machine 110V

Manufacturer:JFJ Disc Repair
Our Price:AU $477.45
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Attributes of this product:
Catalogue number:JFJEAS
Product Genre/Category:Electronics
Packaged dimensions (cms):30.5 x 28.4 x 33.5 (Width x Height x Length; metric centimeters)
Packaged dimensions (inches):12.00 x 11.20 x 13.20 (Width x Height x Depth; decimal inches)
The JFJ Easy Pro machine will clean and resurface anything from a fingerprint to a deep gouge on the following type of discs: Music CDs, CD-ROMs, Sony PlayStation, PSone and PlayStation 2 game discs, Microsoft X-box game discs, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube, DVD Movies, double-sided DVD, VCD, CDR, DVDR, XBX360, HD DVD PSX3 and future Compact Disc based products. This machine comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. For technical support please contact us at (800) 245-3675 or This is a 110 volt machine and will not work in countries requiring 220 voltage. Please contact the manufacturer (JFJ Disc Repair) for 220 volt units.

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